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Posted by scott pressnall on May 04, 2004 at 10:51:34

as my message indicates i am an arizona pressnall, bored with studying for finals i surfed and surfed and discovered this web-site, very cool. i was pleased to see that you had just made a trip to my native state. even more than that you stayed at the very place where i proposed to my wife (the lounge at the top of the resort "differen point of view"). i was however, a tad disapointed that you didn't get to see the "real Arizona." everyone goes to a swank phoenix resort, and then a day in sedona. but no one ever sees the arizona that i know and love. your next trip here i recomend staying in prescott. it is perhaps the most beautiful town in the state. the courthouse square has been featured in about half the Matlock episodes ever filmed, and the pine forest surrounding the town is the largest free standing pine forest in the world. from there you can travel to just about anywhere worthwhile in the state in a days time. i hope you come back soon! look me up or email me @dspressnall@hotmail.com if you're coming to arizona!
scott pressnall


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