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Tatt's having a full-blown regression to elementary school every Thursday when he plays dodgeball at the Ballard Community Center in Seattle. He's so into it, he even set-up a Seattle Dodgeball web site! (August 2004)
: Well, we're finally getting to work on that brand-new house of ours! This weekend, we (really Rusty) will be putting in some french doors in the family room. Thanks, Rusty! (August 2004)
: Carlin's sister had twins! Holly and Wyatt are beautiful — a big congratulations to Minda & Eric! (July 2004)

: The last two months have gone by in a blur! Just a week or two after bringing home the new car, Matt & I decided the time was right to look for a bigger, newer house (interest rates being so low, and all). Everything went so well and so quickly, that in just 4 weeks we went from not even looking yet to being completely moved into the new place. Whew!!! And in the midst of all that, we still managed to keep our scheduled trip to Arizona. Now we are loving our new house and looking forward having some fun this summer! (June 2003)
: Nox update: All the commotion with the move was a little bit much for Nox, but she's settled in now and loves all the space at our new house. She turned 1 last month, and we celebrated by going to a birthday party for her and her littermates (held by 'Grandma & Grandpa', the breeders in Granite Falls). It was fun for us owners, but really fun for the dogs :). (June 2003)

: Matt & I have basically been in hibernation for the last couple of months, enjoying the newly remodeled studio, watching movies and taking Nox to the dog park. The big news of the month is that we got a new car (a Subaru Outback)! Having driven my GTI for 12 years, it's been so wonderful to join the next century and enjoy the improvements in technology - like cupholders built right in! I guess those air bags and anti-lock brakes aren't so bad either :). (March 2003)

: Believe it or not, we actually have the studio leaks fixed! Over the last several weeks of rainy weather, we've seen not a drop of water inside. Hooray! (November 2002)
: There isn't much other news to report in Pressnall-land - I've been busy with design work for my Mom's business, JC Gowdy Interiors, Inc. And Matt's been busy building a very cool application to make generating our many photo galleries very easy. Isn't he the best? (November 2002)

: We got our house painted! Check out the comparison photos: on the left is our house just before we moved in (Sept. 1998), on the right is our house now. It looks great, don't you think? Click on the photo or the little 'zoom' icon to see a larger version. (July 2002)

: Puppies!!! We had our first visit with the 3 week old pups last week, and we can't wait to bring one home next month (well, I can't wait - Matt is excited too but I'm over the edge!). They are flat-coated retrievers (check out the link if you know what that is). More pictures coming soon... (June 2002) : Time for your Native American rain dance! We think we've got the studio leaks fixed, but won't believe it until we get some real rain. So please, do you best to get us some rain before next November! (June 2002)

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